Semmi is an excellent video guy, will adapt to any working style, any project, big or small. From simple edits to complex multi footage projects, he can even film himself your products and the results are awesome. He is not an animator, but he managed to edit an existing template and created me a great intro. I am really sad he does not freelance for the moment, he was a really strong point of our team. Good luck Semmi!
UpWork Client - Alex, CEO
Semmi worked very hard on my order. He communicated fast, was always friendly, polite and kind. He's really skilled and talented. I would highly recommend him. I can't thank him enough for all he's done for me.
Fiverr Client - Consuelo Scivoletto, singer and composer
Fantastic experience with Semmi as Youtuber. Together we developed a series of tutorials to digitally support and educate Italian citizens during the COVID pandemic19. In addition to being very professional, Semmi puts all his passion into what he does and it ends up making a big difference in video production. I highly recommend him.
UpWork Client - Renato DeCastro, Global Executive across Asia, the Americas and Europe
He was absolutely fantastic. I appreciate how professional and quick he was. He understood exactly what I wanted/needed and executed it very quickly. I'll reach out to him again without a doubt.
Fiverr Client - Rollertown Beer Brewery Celina, Texas
Samuele was very great to work with. He helped me successfully redesign my YouTube channel to gain subscribers. We also worked together on editing one of my travel vlogs. He turned my clips of footage into a flowing and entertaining video. I will definitely look to him when I have more projects in the future. He has his own YouTube channel, so he understands how to make videos better. It was an excellent experience and he communicates clearly.
UpWork Client - Isabella Roland
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