Semmi was born in 1987, in Savigliano, a small town in Piedmont, Northern Italy. He lives in Confreria where he spends 26 years of his life. From an early age he loves to draw, paint and disassemble stuff.
Gino Balocco, a local painter and friend of the family, one day observing some of his scribbles, said that in the years he would develop his artistic skills.
During middle school, he doesn't show much interest in art until he meets a young art professor who introduces him to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Mimmo Rotella. He takes the class to various exhibitions including that of Basquiat in Cuneo. The immense "EXU" artwork is like reaching a finish line and a starting line at the same time. He will present a reproduction of the work to the Examining Board at the end of the school year.
At the age of 16 he attends a professional school where he has the opportunity to take part of an internship for Antico Colorificio Ponzio, an iconic fine arts shop in Cuneo. The same year, with his parents, he visits some friends in Valeggio sul Mincio, in Verona. There, he receives a catalogue of a local art exhibition as a gift. That catalog upsets his way of perceiving and seeing things. On the journey back home, he listens all the time to the same music track and in that very winter night, creates an abstract design in his mind that he reproduces as soon as he returns home.
From then on he begins to experiment new kind of arts with "techniques", if these can be called that, assembling (even literally) stuff he has collected over the years: notes, photos, drawings, clippings, shoes, clothes, vinyl records, wood, and so forth.
He creates videoclips with his father's Sony Camcoder. Then the very first digital cameras. And then he starts editing videos, recording sounds, creating music. The attic in the building where he lives now needs to be adapted to new spaces. He empties it completely, transforming it into a den where he can isolate himself from everyone and get closer to everything, where the walls and even the floor are covered with inspiration.
He left Italy to move with his wife Veronica to Romania, both involved in a voluntary preaching work. There he specialised in video editing and digital photography, working as a freelancer and as a wedding photographer.

They moved to Belfast where they currently live. Inspiration and desire to create something are strong here where urban art and boundless landscapes blend together. Here he begins to focus on digital drawing and graphics. Six friends in Italy, found the iQWeb Digital Marketing Agency and invite him to be part of it.
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